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Office Fit Out Checklist – Step 11 Office Service Agreements

Office Fit Out Checklist – Step 11 Office Service Agreements

The more office service agreements you prepare before your office relocation the better.

Here is a list of typical office service agreements:


There are not many businesses which can run without reliable phone and internet services. Your relocation team needs to contact both a phone company and an ADSL/NBN provider.

After the phones and internet are connected consider setting up an information session so your team is clear on how things work.

Post Office

The post office will help you set up a PO Box and other business solutions such forwarding mail.


Get in touch with the local stationery supplier to arrange bulk orders of paper, notepads, staplers and pens. You may also need to have letterheads, business cards and notepads printed with your company’s new details.

Cleaners and sanitary services

Be specific with your requirements when hiring a cleaning company. If your office is located within a larger complex, speak to the building manager or other businesses to see if there is already a reputable company working in the building. If you use your own cleaners make sure they have after hours access to the building.

Indoor plants and florists

You can hire plants using a service agreement starting from only a few dollars a week and let the hiring company take responsibility for maintaining the plants.

Some companies like to have a welcoming bunch of flowers at reception so consider setting up a recurring order with a nearby florist.

Rubbish removal

A good provider will install general rubbish and recycling bins in your office to dispose of waste responsibly. Have a chat to your building manager about the best way to organise rubbish removal.


Security systems are becoming increasingly smart and cost effective. You can choose between an automated camera system or physical security guards, depending on the nature of your business.

Air conditioning

Seek out a reliable and recommended business to maintain your heating and cooling systems.

Pest control

Food left lying around at work is an open invitation to ants, cockroaches and rodents so it is helpful to have a pest control business on call.

Fire Protection/Electrical testing/Emergency training

Depending on the size of your business, you may need fire wardens as well as first aid attendants and WHS representatives, all of whom will need formal training.

Your building may have a fire safety system installed which should be regularly tested by a qualified person. In a large complex, this would be arranged by the building manager, at your expense. Smaller premises may have to organise the safety checks themselves.

Printers and copiers

Printer and photo copier training can be beneficial when you start off in your new office, so that a few key people understand how to work the machines.

Tea, coffee and milk

Your stationery company can supply tea and coffee or you can hire a coffee machine under a service agreement and order what you need from the supplier.

Bonus services

Many companies offer yoga classes and free remedial massage sessions for their staff, inviting local providers to visit the office on a regular basis.

Things to remember

Before you contact your service providers, make sure you are not going against the landlord’s requirements or breaching any WHS recommendations.

Generally speaking your building manager will be an excellent point of contact for help finding the most reliable service providers. More than likely they will have already arranged some services for you in advance.

Above all keep the length of your service agreements in line with your tenancy. Don’t sign a five year contract with a cleaner when you have only leased the building for three years.

Finally, when signing service agreement contracts, check that there are ‘get out’ clauses if you are unhappy.

Stay tuned for The Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out Step 12, Getting an office fit out quote.

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