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The Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out – Step 1 Do we need to move?

The Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out – Step 1 Do we need to move?

Ask your self do you really need to move?
Ask yourself do you need to move or could you get a better deal negotiating where you are?  Moving offices is not only costly on the bottom line with everything from removalists, to stationery changes and of course your new office fitout, it can also cost you your key staff.  It is not uncommon for people to resign based on as little as an extra 10 minutes travel time.  Take the time to talk to your key staff in advance of any relocation plans, this may have a dramatic impact on what you were thinking was an option.  Another consideration when thinking of moving is the additional cost of the makegood of your old premises, it will most likely be an exit condition of your lease.  This may be an inevitable cost as you will leave one day, but it still needs to be considered.

What are the Incentives if I stay?
Building owners may offer incentives such as office fitout or renovation for you to stay.   The size of the incentive will vary depending on whether or not you are in a buyer or a sellers’ market at the time.  By this I mean in the actual area you are looking in is there a shortage or an oversupply of office space in the size that you are requiring.  Do your research first, if you can get an understanding of the kind of incentives that a landlord without a tenant is prepared to offer, then you will have a better idea of the sort deal you may be able to strike with your current landlord.

We’ve decided to stay, what next?
If you do decide to stay any refurbishment to your office that you undertake should not be thought of as a purely cosmetic one.  This is typically what the land lord may want to do offering to recarpet or repaint or both.   You are about to sign a lease for the next 3, 5 or maybe 10 years so it’s time to think about what your organisation may look like at the midpoint and end of these lease terms.  Will your accounts department be shrinking due to offshoring, will your marketing department be growing?  New workstations, breakout areas, collaboration spaces or offices may be a requirement in order to accommodate your future company structure.
If you think back to how we did business 10 years ago to now it is ignorant to think that you will be able to stay the same for the next 10 years and continue to thrive in this ever changing market place.

The early stages Is the best time for to talk to us whether you choose to stay or move. A 10 minute chat now could save you tens of thousands of dollars in the future.

Stay tuned Ultimate Guide to Office Fitout Step 2, Assembling your fitout or Relocation team.

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