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The Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out – Step 2 Assembling your team

The Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out – Step 2 Assembling your team

Assemble your team. Regardless of your decision to stay or go you will need a team of people to assist in the fitout or relocation process.  You will need people on this team who are creative, good numbers crunchers, fluent with schedules, and most of all be able to make quick decisions.

These team members will need to be assigned specific responsibilities, whilst your team will all work together make sure that each task has a specific owner.

  • Liaising with real-estate agents
  • Engaging removalists
  • Working with interior designers
  • Collaborating with Council and Private Certifiers
  • Selecting finishes and furniture types
  • Reviewing quotes from designers and fitout contractors
  • Working with your own IT department and the fitout company
  • Ensuring that milestones are met on time?

Every good team has a leader though, and this is no exception.  You will need to select a leader that can take in the viewpoints and concerns of those around them and then make the best decision for your company.

There will be a lot of whispers going around, not the least of which will be people who will be fearing for their jobs.  A fitout or a relocation means change and in the absence of any information your staff will be drawn to conclusions that are not necessarily true.  To assist with this, make sure that department heads are kept informed of what is happening and are aware of what they can and cannot say.  Depending on the size of your company you may need to appoint a Change Manager to ensure a smooth transition.  This is a very specific skill that not many people handle well.

As well as having department managers and financial controllers on your relocation team.  Don’t forget to include general staff in at least some of the meetings as they are normally closer to the action than anyone else

Be careful of having people on your team who “know people”.  This can often lead to people being blinded to other options.  Ie “I have known Joe Blogs from XYZ Real estate for 20 years… he’ll look after us”.  Maybe he will, or maybe if your team was open to more options you might just get a better deal.

Stay tuned Ultimate Guide to Office Fitout Step 3, If you are moving…select a location.

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There work has always been competitively priced

I have used Apex Executives Interiors on more than one occasion to fitout office space in both the Sydney CBD and Parramatta. There work has always been competitively priced , of high standard and delivered on time. Steve Parkins is very thorough and his eye for detail reflects in the quality of the finished product. I would have no hesitation in recommending Apex Executive Interiors.

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