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The Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out – Step 3  If you are moving select a location

The Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out – Step 3 If you are moving select a location

Looking to move offices? These six tips will help you find the right place.

Choosing the right office space is very important for your business. Get it right and you stand to increase your customers and your profits. Make the wrong move and you could find yourself going backwards.

There are a number of elements to take into account when moving your business headquarters. Take these steps to settle on the right location.

Figure out where your customers are.

If the bulk of your customers come to you through the front door, it is well worth spending a little more to be in a high traffic location.

However, you can save money and find a space off the beaten track if:

– Your customers mostly buy from you online
– You provide a niche, sought after service
– Your office is home base for a mobile service team

Keep your ideal buyer in mind when scouting for your business base. If you are selling a premium product, you should be located near the people who can afford it. Consider how they will get to you, this may mean finding space with suitable parking for your customers, or being near public transport.

Consider the competition.

Some businesses benefit from being on a shopping strip or in an industrial park where similar services are offered. In other cases, being near the competition can be a drawback, particularly if you are going up against a well established company.

Before you commit to a location, check out what other businesses are in the area. Consider whether or not this will help or hinder your bottom line.

Make it easy for your staff.

People won’t want to work for you (or won’t be able to) if your office isn’t easy to get to each day. When looking to relocate, check out what parking is available and find somewhere close to local public transport stops.

Staff safety should be a priority, especially if you have team members working outside of normal office hours. Look for buildings that offer swipe card access and are in well lit areas with parking closeby.

Find somewhere appealing.

On the subject of staff, they will be happy if they can grab some food and make it to the shops and back during their lunch hour. A location within walking distance of cafes, stores and amenities is ideal. Nearby parks are a bonus as they give employees a space to clear their heads or even exercise when time permits.

In some areas food trucks and coffee vans make daily visits to counter the isolation. This may work out as a compromise for a less-than-ideal location. Do some investigating to see what is available.

Check local guidelines and regulations.

Is your type of business allowed in the area you are looking at? It may be zoned to limit commercial operations or may only accommodate a certain type of outlet.

Getting in touch with the local council before you sign a lease can save a lot of hassle! Talk to a representative about operating hours and the type of business you run – they may even be able to suggest somewhere more suitable.

Decide where to compromise.

When looking to move, unless your business has a bottomless bank account (wouldn’t that be nice?), you can’t have it all. Most businesses have to compromise on either location, cost or size.

To decide which of these to prioritise, make a list of your must-haves, should-haves, nice-to-haves and deal breakers. You may find it worthwhile to pay a bit more in order to be more visible to customers, or that you have to go off the beaten track so you can have the space you need to operate.

As a final tip – consult with your staff to find out their thoughts on the ideal office but streamline the process by placing responsibility for the final decision with just one or two people.

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