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Why your office fitout shouldn’t comply with minimum standards

Why your office fitout shouldn’t comply with minimum standards

We see no reason at all that any commercial fitouts should simply comply with minimum standards; we believe every single commercial fitout should exceed minimum standards.

And the best part; by using an experienced Commercial Office Fitout company & project management team – an office fitout above and beyond the minimum standards need not cost a single cent more than one that simply complies with the basics.

To illustrate the point, I will use an example:

It’s 7.30am, you are desperate for your morning hit of coffee and you’ve a choice between two local baristas.

One asks for your order & your name. They advise the price, take your money and give you your change. They proceed to filter the coffee, froth the milk, add the sugar and look absent-mindedly off in the distance with an expression that says. “only 320 more coffees to make today before I get to go home. They hand you your coffee and you leave.

The next day at the same time, you visit the barista next door. They welcome you with a big smile and your name that they remembered from last week. They ask if you’d like the soy latte with 2 sugars, same as last week. They advise the price, take your money, give you your change and punch the first hole in your new loyalty card. They proceed to filter the coffee, froth the milk, add the sugar, all whilst welcoming other customers as they walk in. They hand you your coffee, wish you a great day and you leave.

In both situations, you have received the “minimum standard”. The coffees are the same price, both coffees are hot, sweet and made well but the second barista exceeded the minimum basic standards at every stage so that you had a far more enjoyable experience for not a cent more.

In this example, there are two main differences between the baristas;

  • Attention to detail
  • Experience, skill and knowledge

This exact same analogy can be applied to your office fitout. Design and construction in Australia is highly regulated with many minimum standards that apply to various different situations and projects.

It is the law that all design and construction companies comply with those minimum standards and there are checks and balances to ensure these standards are applied.

It is, however, the attention to detail as well as the experience, skill and knowledge of your chosen Commercial fitout designers and team that will create a more workable, practical and inclusive workspace and one where you and your colleagues, staff, customers and clients will enjoy working.

The office fitout for Settlement Services International is a prime example of a project undertaken where the minimum standards were exceeded using our experience and attention to detail and at no additional expense to our client. You can see the details of the project here but please don’t simply take our word for it – please read a note from our client after completion of their project both on-time and on-budget:

This is one of the largest office fit out projects SSI has ever undertaken. Apex Executive Interiors guided SSI through the entire process from property search, design, construction and fit out works. The expertise in office fit out was expected however it was the extra attention to detail in regards to the design of interview rooms and office layout that makes this office fit out uniquely different to any office fit outs previously undertaken. The quality of finishes, service and the delivery is always over and above, this is what makes Apex the preferred office fit out provider for SSI.

Janine Stainer
Facilities & Operations Manager
Settlement Services International.


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The quality of resources and standard of work was excellent

Apex Executive Interiors provided a detailed project Plan and met all their obligations in a timely and professional manner. The quality of resources and standard of work was excellent, and besides being on time for all stages of the project the workers were friendly, flexible and most accommodating overall. A job well done !

Peter McCallum - Operations Manager
Roland Corporation Australia
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