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Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out – Step 6 Engage your legal team.
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Ultimate Guide to Office Fit Out – Step 6 Engage your legal team.

Once you have selected the location and building for your office move, you need to take care of the legal requirements.

The following steps will help make sure you’re covered:

Engage your legal team

First up, your lawyer can help you finalise the contract of the space you are about to vacate. Make sure you are not being asked to do more than you legally have to do.  Its not up to you to redecorate for the incoming tenant, just to get the space back to the condition in which you accepted it.

You should also call on your lawyer to prepare lease documents and thoroughly review any contracts you have been presented with by the new building owner for the new space.

The obligations and rights of both owner and tenant should be clearly included in the lease agreement, with both parties being able to contribute to the terms. If a building owner isn’t interested in revisions or negotiation, you may want to reconsider leasing their space.

Arrange inspections

Just as you would for a residential lease, you should have an independent inspection of a commercial property before you move in.

Make sure you use a professional fit out consultant and that their inspection is as specific as possible. Request that they take photos and attach them to the report to keep for future reference.

Areas to check include:

● The condition of the ceiling
● Storage areas and work spaces
● Condition of carpets, floors and doors
● Windows and vents
● Blinds and other window coverings
● Air conditioning
● Taps, basins and bathrooms
● Electrical systems
● Walls and paint

Sometimes a building is not in a compliant state before you move in. With the help of a professional fit out consultant you can avoid being stuck with the cost of bringing the space up to code after you have moved in.

Check your ‘make good’ clause

Often, a condition of a commercial lease is that you will return a property to the state you found it in when you leave, something known as the ‘make good’ clause.  Read this very carefully as people are often taken by surprise at the end.

As an alternative you may also wish to negotiate make a monthly payment on top of your lease to cover this cost. This will allow you to walk away at the end of your tenancy without having to remove every fitting and fixture before you leave, and without that “balloon” payment at the end.  This may also be a time to negotiate the make good out of the contract altogether, it really depends on  the supply and demand market at the time.

Talk to your lawyer about the best approach for this clause as they may have recommendations.

Have a final read through

Once the contract is signed, you won’t be able to make changes, so it is important you are clear on everything up front.

Take the time to review your building lease contract in detail and make sure other stakeholders within your business do the same.

Cover all bases by giving a signed hard copy to your legal team for safe keeping.

Confused about negotiating the terms of your lease? Apex Executive Interiors can provide guidance to make sure the contract has no hidden surprises.


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Always on hand to answer questions and solve problems

I have completed 4 successful projects with Steve Parkins from Apex Executive Interiors. Our first project was a small job in existing premises. Our second job was the fitout of a small 120sqm office. Our next job was the biggest project, moving to 300 sqm and relocating some 20 staff. We are working currently on the fourth project, our brand new Hurstville office. In the early stages, it was Steve’s customer service skills that most impressed me. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him. If I needed to see some sample chairs, they arrived. If I needed to get photographs of carpet tiles, they were produced. Steve has always made it his business to call in personally to discuss any matters pertaining to the current project. This personal touch has been crucial to the success of our projects.

The next quality that struck me with Steve’s work was his Project planning. The processes that Steve works through are second to none. Whilst he always has a clear view of what a project should look like, he is completely consultative every step of the way. His paperwork, project plans and designs are always immaculately presented and he has demonstrated flexibility around pricing.

Once a project is commenced, Steve is always on hand to answer questions and solve problems. He is always available and his responses and follow-ups are swift. He works with many, many tradesmen and his ability to build strong relationships means he has a good team of specialists around him. His organisational skills are highly developed, coordinating many teams to meet project deadlines at once.

Steve takes great pride in his work. The smallest of problems is dealt with the same interest and seriousness as a larger issue might be. Even when a project is finished and paid for Steve still takes ownership of his work. He understands that business relationships extend beyond the completion of a project and it will be referrals that make his business the huge success that it will be.

I cannot recommend Steve Parkins of Apex Executive Interiors highly enough and I would be happy to provide further information if required. He is a gentleman and a first class operator. He sets extremely high standards and expects only the best for his clients. I have enjoyed every moment working with Steve.

Gemma Avon - General Manager
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